Guess what Rick (played by Humphrey Bogart) ISN’T saying to Sam in this scene from the 1942 classic, Casablanca? 

One of the most misremembered lines in film history comes from this movie. What is commonly remembered is “Play it again, Sam.”

What Rick actually said is “You played it for her, you can play it for me.” (it’s at 1:46 of the clip).

Similarly, in Empire Strikes Back, when Darth Vader finally takes responsibility for being Luke’s father – (Guess they didn’t have Child Support Services in a Galaxy, Far, Far Away) – Vader is misremembered to have said “Luke, I am your father.”

What Vader actually said was “No. I am your father.”

However, a coworker – and others – who haven’t seen these movies wouldn’t know those quotes – or even the mistaken quotes. With that … wait for it … Here … wait for it … is MY list of the 10 movies that if you claim to like movies – you need to see before you die:

1. Gone with the Wind – I read the book during my spring break of my junior year of high school and then watched the movie. The story, the backstory and Clark Gable chucking the deuces is epic.

2. Ben Hur – Chariot races, ocean battles … and a cameo by Jesus. This is an early example of a movie by men for me.

3. Casablanca – Boy meets girl, boy loses girl in World War II, boy and girl meet in gin joint, girl uses boy, boy loses girl, boy gains beautiful friend. That’s the condensed version, but there’s singing, kissing, and gun-play in between.

4. The Godfather I & II – I lump the first two movies together because they were were an extension of one film. Fredo was responsible for Vito almost getting whacked in Part I and got the kiss of death in Part II.

5. Star Wars – An incredible tale of boy meets girl, who turns out to be his sister; fights villain, who turns out to be his father; meets mentor, who dies nobly. Oh, and Han shot first.

6. Pulp Fiction – We found out what a Royale With Cheese is, how to dispose of a headless body and how to revive someone who ODs on heroin.

7. Hoosiers – A true-story about the little team that could. They ran the Picket Fence, but didn’t get caught watching the paint dry.

8. Rocky II – Forget about the original – which won the Oscar for Best Picture. Why? Because Rocky LOST!! The sequel shows the dangers of illiteracy, commitment to family and the true resolution: Yo Adrian, I did it!

9. Forrest Gump – This movie had more catchphrases than almost any movie in history. I think I might watch the movie later one to see how many catchphrases there are. My favorite? “Run Forrest, run!

10. Top Gun  – This is the movie that started the conversation in my office. A 27-year-old colleague had NEVER seen this movie (or Star Wars, for that matter). In honor of that colleague – and another who loved this movie for the VOLLEYBALL SCENE … here you go.

Until next time …